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Wilson II Complete Kit

Wilson II Complete Kit

$ 435.00

Complete Reprap Wilson II 3D Printer Kit (Unassembled)

This kit includes everything you need to build your own Reprap Wilson II 3D Printer.  

Highlights of this kit

  • Complete series of assembly videos now on YouTube.
  • This is an upgrade to the original Wilson TS design, and uses almost twice the aluminum extrusions for an even more robust frame, a 50% increase in the print volume, 10mm smooth rods for linear motion, and professional lead screws instead of threaded rods for the Z axis.
  • 200x300x200mm print volume (about 8" x 12" x 8").  
  • All the parts you need are included, including over 250 separate metric nuts & bolts, all carefully organized and packaged.
  • No soldering required! The hot end, heat bed, end stops, stepper motors, power cables, and even the fans are all prewired for you and plug-in ready.  Saves hours off the build time, and eliminates the most common sources of confusion and mistakes when building your first machine.  In addition, wire bundles are wrapped in PET sleeving and secured with heatshrink for a clean and professional look.
  • No cutting of rods or beams required.
  • All high quality components, clearly labelled and carefully packed.  
  • Arduino-compatible controller comes pre-programmed with Marlin 3D printer firmware for the Wilson printer configuration.
  • Now includes the PICA arduino shield for connecting all the motors, sensors, and switches to the controller.
  • Supports either stand-alone printing from SD card interface and the included LCD control panel, or via USB from a PC.
  • Completely open-source design, with all design files available on github.  A true reprap design (it can print it's own plastic parts).
  • Supports auto bed leveling using the exclusive servo-less bed probing mechanism designed for the Wilson II.
Comparison to common Prusa i3 kits
By comparison to the standard "Prusa i3" kit (most are not actually Prusa i3 but derivatives) - this Wilson II kit has:
  1. 50% larger build volume (compared to 8" x 8" x 8" models)
  2. 60% stronger linear rods (10mm vs 8mm) made from real CNC grade chromium-plated hardened steel.
  3. A much stronger frame built from 2020 (metric) profile, professional grade 6005A-T5 aluminum extruded beams compared to acrylic and wood frame kits.
  4. Lead screws instead of threaded rods for Z axis motion, which are vastly more durable, quieter, and precise.
  5. Superior stepper motors, rated at approximately twice the torque of the common "cheap" stepper motors.
  6. An authentic e3d hot end, which will outperform and outlast chinese knockoff hotends which commonly do not have the proper materials or machining.
  7. A durable 120W heated bed.
  8. Everything you need to build a working machine, including LCD controller for stand-alone printing from an SD card (even the SD card is included!).
  9. Pre-installed firmware which will actually work with your machine.

What's Included

  • Complete set of printed plastic parts for the Wilson II 
  • Set of 9 precision aluminum extrusions, metric 2020 profile, precut 
  • Set of 6 hardened chrome-finished steel rods, 10mm profile, precut
  • Precision machined lead screws for Z axis
  • Five High torque (76 oz-inch) NEMA17 stepper motors.  Wire terminations to connectors ready to plug in.
  • Authentic e3d-Lite6 hot end by e3d – completely assembled and ready to use (for use with 1.75mm filament)
  • 12V, 30A switching power supply, along with professionally assembled line cord and wiring assembly.
  • All electronics, including Arduino Mega compatible controller, PICA shield, and A4988 stepper motor drivers.  Arduino Mega is pre-programmed with Marlin firmware configured for the Wilson II specs.
  • SMART LCD controller with SD card interface and 4GB memory card.
  • 200x300mm heat bed, completely wired up and ready for use
  • Laser-cut mounting sheet for heat bed
  • 3mm glass heat bed print surface
  • All metric fasteners, nuts & bolts, springs, and bearings 
  • Set of 55 t-slot nuts for frame assembly
  • 12 LM10UU linear bearings
  • End stops, pre-wired and ready to plug in
  • MK7 stainless steel extruder drive gear
  • GT2 timing belt and aluminum 20-tooth pulleys
  • Wilson 2 exclusive Rack & Pinion mechanism for bed leveling
  • More!

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